Samples Policy

Do you accept samples?
Yes.  Samples are one of the best ways to discover and learn about new products. I am always ready for new samples to try and review!

Will you write a blog review about the samples?
I will always make every effort to write a post on this website, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. This is a promise to you.

What motives or intentions do you have with every review?
 To provide a calculated honest opinion about every sample tasted. I do not work for, nor have any affiliation with any alcoholic beverage producer, conglomerate, or agency .  My opinions are mine alone and only influenced by the deductions of my tasting methods and palate.

When reviewing a product, is there a rating system you use?
 I do not use a rating system to distinguish quality of a product. Even when our industry authorities do a fantastic job at rating products as objectively as possible, I am still a firm believer that everything is influenced by personal feelings, tastes, and opinions. I try and provide a calculated honest opinion with every sample tasted. As much or as little in line with other opinions as it may be, it still remains my personal opinion. As a friend once told me: “there is no such think as a bad [beer], just better [beer]”.

Where should I send samples?
For shipping address information send an email request to –