Welcome to a dedication to beverage, Vine & Vice!

The romance began with wine…

The love affair with wine is at the very root of our culture and it was no different in my household. As the grandchild of Italian immigrants, There was a respect enforced by the family for the grape, to always hold it in high regard – as Pliny The Elder, Roman Philosopher had once said “In Vino Veritas” (in wine there is truth). Through this my interest in beverage sparked, developed and evolved.

The Wine, Beer, and Spirits industry is fascinating. Despite its size and growth, it remains a unique community of enthusiasts and industry specialists captivated by its essence. This website is a call to that community – for those who are looking to sip, savor, and experience the world from a glass. I believe that beverage should be fun, engaging and educational. So, join me on this adventure one glass at a time ! Cheers !