2010 Rare Vintage Cabernet Sauvignon – Coyote’s Run

img_16832010 Rare Vintage Cabernet Sauvignon VQA, Coyote’s Run from Forty Mile Creek (Niagara Region), Ontario – I have been holding this one for the right situation and yesterdays Valentine’s Day stake dinner was perfectly paired. Canada (Ontario especially) doesn’t have the best conditions to produce fuller reds but every so often there comes an exceptional year.

Appearance: Simply a beautiful clean dark ruby red leaving behind some sediment, so careful when pouring. (decant to maintain its clarity and to allow the wine to open and breath)

Smell: Without fault and medium to bold intensity. Very present dark fruits and spices. Light but detectable presence of oak, and fruits of cassis, dark black berry, light white pepper, some dark cocoa and leather

Palate: Clean and bold with good firm structured tannin balanced very well by the characters of dark fruit and spice – carried well by a medium+ acidity. Though 13.5% alcohol, it did not feel boozy of dreadfully warming yet present.

Overall: An exceptional wine! A generous long finish of lingering characteristics and flavor, well balanced, clean and fruitful. A very lovely wine that showed a lot of character and personality.

fullsizerenderVery impressed with this wine and mostly upset with myself for not purchasing more than one bottle. If you are lucky enough to have a bottle, decanting in a must, and don’t forget to watch for sediment as you pour. Cheers!


3 thoughts on “2010 Rare Vintage Cabernet Sauvignon – Coyote’s Run

    1. I love the beer scene in Canada (especially whats been happening around Toronto). Thats unfortunate to hear that you haven’t found anything impressive about Canadian wine. There are many wineries in Ontario and British Columbia worth experiencing. Especially Icewine, considering we are the largest producer worldwide and have won countless awards internationally. Im sure there is something Canadian out there that will change your mind. Happy searching . Cheers!


      1. My original statement was, I realized, a bit vague. It’s not that I’ve not had good Canadian wine, it’s that I’ve had NO Canadian wine. If my wife and I ever travel to Canada, I’ll be sure to make an effort to try some.

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