Cheers! – to why we ‘Toast’.


drinking-romeIt has become a natural reaction in most cultures to ‘toast’ with others when there are drinks involved. Have you ever wondered why we do this? Traditionally the reason to ‘toast’ before drinking signifies a wish of good health and appreciation of great company. Historically the poisoning of a rivals wine was a preferred method of disposal in ancient Greece, so a theoretical solution – though based in myth- was either the host consuming the first sip or the slamming of cups together ensuring a spill of each drink  into the others cup.  All though there isn’t any substantial proof proof of this happening, this does highlight why we clank out glasses together during a toast.


The word ‘Toast’ roots itself more truthfully in history – In ancient Rome a piece of burnt bread (commonly and modernly known as toast) would be dropped in wine to soak up sediment and reduce acidity naturally improving the wine for drinking. Cheers! 



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